Wind call for Coot, in olive wood.

Length: 110 mm

Cod: art9

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Handmade product

Giovalley - icona prodotto singolo ULIVO

Body in olive wood

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Non-toxic paints

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Made in Italy
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Stainless steel reed system

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Brass reed holder

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Reference according to law (No. 157)

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This breath call is handcrafted made with artisanal methods in our laboratory, and is obtained from materials we selected and processed with all the passion of Giò Valley for nature and the world of ornithology.

The precious olive wood used allow an excellent degree of resonance and sound propagation and is treated with non-toxic paints to safeguard your health and ensure a healthy and continuous contact with the lips, necessary for the correct use of the instrument.

The reed, the thin moving tab which vibration makes the instrument sound, is in stainless steel and the reed holder is made in brass: materials with high durability characteristics.

The manufacture of this article complies with the rules regarding bird calls and, unlike other recall instruments, can be used freely without the risk of incurring serious penalties.

In particular, the law n.157 February 11, 1992 allows, in certain situations, the use of breath calls only and not of electronic or mechanical calls. The design and the accurate calibration carried out on each single piece guarantee high sound quality.





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It is a bird of the family Rallidae (Fulica Atra), of medium stature, with very thick plumage of gray chalkboard, long and lobed fingers, and beak and frontal shield of ivory color.

Stationary and breeding in Italy, but decreasing, it lives in large groups on wide water surfaces, where it skilfully swims or dives. It also walks in the middle of the dense vegetation, or takes a run at high speed to be able to rise. Its flesh, dark and leathery, is not very appreciated. Although belonging to the crane-like, the coot is often confused with ducks, to which it resembles, which are instead part of the anseriforms, a family systematically very distant.

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Dimensions 110 cm