About us

Giò Valley was born from the passion for the valley and for the birds that populate it. It is an adventure that began with the collection of breath whistles which gave, later on, the opportunity to show how they work in fairs and in convivial situations all around Italy.
The step towards the production of the bird calls was brief.
I wanted to give substance to my passion and launch a new challenge: to communicate with birds.
We are used to live with our cats and dogs but often we ignore the fauna that flies around us, which lives next to us, of which we hear the whistles or follow the evolutions in the air.

Through this site, by means of shows and learning courses and with the production of breath whistles, Giò Valley would like to spread a culture of knowledge and respect for birds and promote a form of communication with them, also through bird watching and photo hunting. Blackbirds, widgeons, turtledoves, plovers are just a few among the many birds that, if correctly recalled, approach to us. This creates an exciting, free and respectful communication.

Gian Carlo Giovannini
  Fondatore di Giò Valley